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Our Mission

The goal of FLPCC is to invest in local, world class, pancreas cancer research, where our neighbors are part of the team and can see the value of their contributions and know where they are being spent. We are guided by this principle:

“Local money for local world class pancreas cancer research.”

Our Goals

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To raise funds for pancreas cancer research in the areas of earlier detection, more effective treatments, and finding a cure for pancreas cancer.

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To provide support and education to the victims of pancreatic cancer as well as to their family and friends.


Far too often we are asked to contribute to an organization to fight a certain disease. Often we do. Soon after, we pause and wonder where the money goes or how it will be used and/or spent? Let us assure you there are no salaries or offices to support in the FLPCC; all who serve are local volunteers. Mayo Clinic, Moffitt Cancer Center, University of Miami, University of Florida, and University of South Florida all are undertaking world class medical research in the field of pancreas cancer.

So, the reasoning goes: If one is good enough to want to help, why not have local business and individuals helping fund local pancreas cancer research for local people? That way, you know exactly where your money goes and the good it does. In addition to soliciting donations, FLPCC holds fund raising “events” throughout the year.

FLPCC Fundraising

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Support & Education

FLPCC has sponsored a Symposium on Pancreas Cancer that covered what’s new in the field, treatments and medication, clinical trials, chemotherapy, vaccination therapy, antibody therapy, and surgery. It featured a question and answer period where questions were asked of the physicians, and it also provided a panel of survivors to discuss the disease. We hope to have another Symposium in the near future.

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